about us
Attire Nepal is a Kathmandu-based, premium Clothing company obsessed with fashion and creativity.A simple experiment with nature. An endeavour to create a product that encompasses the individuality and uniqueness that can only be found in natural surroundings. A desire to experiment with design, materials, and aesthetics in the search for something that works. Free from passing trends, the brand’s focus remains that of its roots, innovation and creation. Long live creativity.SIMPLICITY IN DESIGNFashion Is the best when it simply emphasises the beauty of an individual.CONFIDENCE IN COMFORTNo Fashionable clothes can make you look beautiful than the ones in which you are the most comfortable.Natural QualityToo much artificial indulgence in style and comfort affects the look in an adverse manner.THE SHOWROOMOur central Kathmandu showroom is the home of our design team as well as our back catalogue of our best products. Clients are welcome to drop in for purchasing our ready products and to view examples of our favourite work. .